10 places to eat vegan tacos in Seattle

Blue Water Taco tacos

Tacos are probably the world’s most perfect food because of their versatility, lack of utensils needed, and overall tastiness. Put anything in a shell or tortilla, sprinkle some hot sauce on it, and BAM — awesomeness.

You could — and SHOULD — make tacos at home, but Seattle has you covered if you want to eat out.

Bait Shop — Bait Shop’s black bean and squash (of the butternut variety) tacos are pretty tasty, with a nice mix of pickled veggies on top, though I’m not a huge fan of the flour tortilla they wrap it in. Corn tortillas are for tacos, flour tortillas are for burritos. (I know, that’s a comma splice — somehow, other punctuation didn’t feel right.) Still, it’s a satisfying meal if you’re out on the Hill.

Bimbos/Cha Cha — Bimbos’ potato tacos have their critics (“too mushy”) but if you get them double-decker style with vegan cheese, they’ve got crunch without cutting up the roof of your mouth and overall pretty bomb. Bimbos also has a lovely and extensive selection of hot sauces, so it’s fun to get a couple of tacos and put a different sauce on each bite for full-on flavor explosion. Yes.

Chupacabra tacos

El Chupacabra — El Chupacabra puts rice on their tacos, which basically makes them mini-burritos. This weirds me out a little. Nothing against burritos, but if I wanted a burrito, I would order a burrito. I guess you could ask them to hold the rice? Grains aside, El Chupacabra’s variety of Gardein meats and Daiya makes the restaurant always a welcome option.

Georgetown Liquor Company — GLC and I are back on speaking terms after Anika introduced me and some other people to their nachos, but for a while I was really hesitent to dine there because they served real cheese on their tacos once and then a second time after I asked for a do-over of the first batch. They’re just your typical fake beef/tomato/lettuce tacos, but they’re named after princess Leia and are pretty cheap, so that’s cool. Just be sure to ask to make them vegan. Maybe even twice.

El BorrachoI haven’t tried El Borracho’s vegan tacos, but they have a soyrizo and potato offering that looks pretty awesome. Finally ate the soyrizo and potato tacos at El Borracho in April. They are super cheap (I think $2 each) and tasty, but pretty small. Good for a light bite, but you’ll still need to eat $10 worth to get full.

Veggie Grill tacos

Veggie Grill — I’m a fan of almost everything Veggie Grill does, and while these are not my favorite tacos in the city, they’re a decent option. I think it’s the only place to get vegan fish tacos now that Highline isn’t serving food — correct me if I’m wrong. However, if you’re at Veggie Grill and order anything other than their buffalo wings or Kale Caeser salad, I probably don’t understand the inner workings of your mind.

Rancho Bravo — For the longest time, I was under the impression that Rancho Bravo was not vegan-friendly. This is wrong. Their tacos are really just beans and veggies, but somehow they’re so good. Also, you’re probably a little drunk if you’re eating at Rancho Bravo in the first place, so their food is gonna be extra delicious to you anyhow.

Poquito’s — The yam tacos at Poquito’s can be made vegan without the cheese, and are fairly enjoyable. This is one of the only times you will ever see me endorse yam anything (down with sweet vegetables!), but something about the combination of grilled onions and cilantro balances out yammy sweetness. And the ambiance of Poquito’s is really fun.

Blue Water Taco — Several Blue Water Taco locations serve Field Roast chorizo (including the one on First Hill, where I go sometimes for lunch), which is a fantastic option for those of us accustomed to just getting beans at Mexican fast food joins. The Field Roast can be a little dry if overgrilled, so be sure to get guac and salsa.

Innkeeper tacos

The Innkeeper — Eating tacos with friends on the Innkeeper’s awesome patio on a warm spring or summer day is truly one of the joys in life. This is the only other time you will see me endorse yam anything (current offerings are sweet potato and yam, though I think it was yam/squash when I was there last). Unfortunately, I learned that the crema pictured here contains eggs — I am fairly certain they told me it was vegan when I ordered/ate it (though I might have just asked if it was non-dairy??), but just emailed the Innkeeper to confirm. Sigh. Still, the setting is nice and the vegan chili on the side is tasty.

Bonus 11th place (5/13/14 update) Highline’s kitchen is open again on Mondays and Tuesdays and they have FOUR KINDS OF TACOS!! I had the tofu tacos on Cinco de Mayo and they were bomb — all huge and chipotle-y.

Any other vegan taco recommendations?

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15 Responses to “10 places to eat vegan tacos in Seattle”

  1. February 17th, 2014 at 1:24 PM

    Ty says:

    I get the steak tacos at Chupa and they do NOT come with rice. Just the bean tacos do!! I’m off today, Thomas and should go get some tacos for lunch! Thanks!! :D

  2. February 17th, 2014 at 1:34 PM

    Helen says:

    Ooooh, thanks for clearing that up, Ty! Enjoy your day off Chupa!!

  3. February 17th, 2014 at 2:35 PM

    veganLazySmurf says:

    I didn’t realize Seattle was so Taco Cleanse friendly! Good to know!

  4. February 17th, 2014 at 3:17 PM

    Helen says:

    You may need to do a modified Taco cleanse, or just a shorter one, but it’s possible!!

  5. February 17th, 2014 at 5:51 PM

    katiejayne says:

    The potato and soyrizo tacos at El Boracho are super tasty! Thanks for the other taco tips, I loooove tacos.

  6. March 4th, 2014 at 5:01 PM

    Leah says:

    I second Katie’s comment about El Borracho. The soyrizo tacos are fantastic, as are the taquitos. I’m also a big fan of the cremini tacos! But my absolute favorite is their vegan fried ice cream. Get yourself there! :)

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