Mink eyelashes — why?

A new salon just opened in my neighborhood specializing entirely in eyelash extensions.

I would like to say that as a feminist, the idea of artificially adhering anything to my body for the sake of beauty boils my blood, but that would be a lie. I love mascara and falsies.

What bothers me is that the eyelash extensions are made from real mink.

This is a mink:

Cute, right? Look at his little paw.

Now, I have no idea where Blink gets their mink, but my guess is that it’s not repurposed from grandma’s old stole. This fellow’s fur is probably what will adorn your eyeballs.

Does our new woodland friend need to die so that you can spend $400 (yes, they are $400 a pop) to look like a Vegas hooker? While one can’t throw red paint at someone’s fur-adorned eye, I sincerely hope this concept doesn’t take off.

Save a critter, put your $400+ towards a worthwhile cause, and buy a tube of Urban Decay Lush Lash.

On a side note (and putting it towards the end because the post gets graphic from here), the store’s owner said,

“Nobody was doing lashes right… It’s such a popular thing where people are a little more glamorous.”

Because I can think of nothing more glamorous than this:

images by Nettverk for dyrs frihet (Net. for Animal Freedom) and Sparktography via Creative Commons

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